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A dark, difficult and immersive Metroidvania game.“The Crown Stones: Mirrah” is a Metroidvania-styled retro game which has great influence from old games like “Castlevania”, “Demon’s Crest”, “Blackthorne”, among others retrogames that have always inspired us. However, it has different mechanics as well as some elements from new generation games, like “Dark Souls” for example, game that inspires us a lot by its difficulty and dense atmosphere. 
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Nov 04, 2017

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This isn't getting near enough attention. The game looks great!

Yes, it is not receiving so much attention, but it deserves it! Played the game? If you can help, show someone and contribute;


Yeah, I've been doing my best, posting about it on reddit. I was also a backer on Catarse, and now on IndieGoGo.


Ah! Thanks. It is on several platforms, IndieDB / GamesJolt for example. In all of them it is going well but it is still too little to draw more attention. haha