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The Crown Stones: Mirrah
is a Metroidvania with RPG / Action / Horror and Adventure elements that will show the world of the dead like never seen before, a game full of secrets and puzzles that becomes more difficult and darker and has as main inspiration the game Castlevania and Dark Souls.

World of "The Crown Stones: Mirrah"

     The Crown Stones: Mirrah is set in the astral underworld, where the negative energies are found and horror turns into unimaginable ways. In the history of "Mirrah" there will be 7 different levels, with progression of horror and fear. Each level will represent different kinds of hell, showing its inhabitants and its prisons. The player starts at level 1 (purple) and needs to go down until the lowest level, passing through various difficulties in these tenebrous environments and facing enemies more and more monstrous. In the last level, the most obscure of all, your mission will take form.

Someone had to be the sacrifice. For the rescue of that one who got lost. However, something wrong happened, and he lost it all. In a totally dark world... He'll have to fight... For his own life. Here, there's no mercy. Survive?

This won't be so easy. "

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Support the game on Indiegogo and play our DEMO : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-crown-stones-mirrah#/

Install instructions

Just download and run, if you do not run on your computer, download Game Maker Studio 1.4 or update Directx 11.


DEMO-TheCrownStones-Mirrah.zip 47 MB

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